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For most business owners, their enterprise represents a great proportion of their net worth. It can also represent their life’s work their business is an asset which is worth protecting.

Getting an exit right takes planning. What is the result of a successful exit strategy? One benefit is greater value proposition to your buyer, which means a higher financial return for you and your shareholders.

Risks in failing to prepare for exit

You will pay a price for lack of planning.

Coordinating all of the business, management, financial, legal, tax, estate, family, legacy, market and personal considerations is complicated. Tackling this without professional advice, all whilst running the business, is often why planning is put on the back burner.
Failing to prepare for an exit can result in...

1. Forced exit, via sale to a competitor or liquidation
2. Wasting time and funds on unsuccessful sale transactions
3. Undervalued business when marketed for sale
4. Putting off retirement and failing to begin on post-sale goals
5. Absence of a lasting legacy

Whether you intend to transfer your company to family, partners, managers, a third party, private equity or a strategic buyer, exit planning is a must.

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Benefits to Exit Strategies

Exit planning gives you an objective view of your business

The key benefit of an exit strategy is an objective view of your business. You will start to see your business in the same light a buyer would. Through planning, along with the assistance of Benchmark Corporate, you’ll gain insight of your business, from your own perspective, and identify what needs to change to gain the highest return on sale.

More Exit Planning Benefits include:

  1. Identifies value gaps and transferability obstacles – a key starting point
  2. Establishes clear priorities, strategies and time frame
  3. Makes the company more attractive to buyers
  4. Increases value for all shareholders
  5. Produces a smoother management transition
  6. Minimizes risks
  7. Prevents costly mistakes
  8. On a personal level, exit planning settles your mind, re-energizes you and gives your work greater purpose.

Sell on your own terms

Knowing your Options

The most important step in an exit strategy planning

If you are contemplating your exit strategy then Benchmark Corporate are able to assist in exploring all options, and analysing methods for maximising value – and minimising disruption and aggravation.

There a numerous ways to exit your business from IPO to liquation and more. With experience in over $100million in corporate transactions, Benchmark Corporate’s broad knowledge can help you and your shareholders to plan the best outcome from the exit of your business

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Strategies for Exit Success

Tools to use to gain the highest return through sale

The key to your successful business sale transaction is to leave on your terms. Here are improvement strategies that can be implemented to improve your position pre-exit:

   Systems & Processes
Document and update your systems and processes. Achieve operational efficiencies that can be passed onto the new managers and owners.

   Organisational Structure
By comparing organisational structure to exit strategy, you can identify resourcing gaps and make changes.

   Financial Analysis
Accurate, up-to-date financial reports enable you to analyse business performance compared to KPI’s, profitability and growth targets.

   Brand Positioning
A “brand” makes a business more valuable. What is your “brand?”

   Corporate Restructure
Is is good to look at restructuring your company for MBO or IPO. Look at establishing a Board of Directors.

   High Growth Strategies
Regardless of your Business Exit Strategy, growth strategies will increase turnover, improve profitability and stabilise cashflow.

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