Our Multi-component Strategy

  • An understanding of the objectives of both parties.
  • Identifying the value drivers that will enhance overall value for all parties.
  • Identification of potential issues that need addressing initially that may affect the deal.
  • Company market value appraisal by a Benchmark Corporate adviser.
  • Business intelligence and prospect research to produce a targeted list of potential acquirers.
  • Preparation of an Information Memorandum.
  • Developing strategies for achieving those objectives.
  • Confidential approaches to the appropriate decision makers in identified potential acquirers.
  • Creating a competitive environment with the aim of presenting a number of optional deal structures and bids.
  • Running negotiations on behalf of clients to obtain maximum value.
  • Leading and managing a controlled timetable to maintain momentum and produce an outcome.
  • Management of the contract documentation and completion processes.

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